White Shepherd Dog

White Shepherd Dog has a distinct personality marked by self-confidence. The breed is poised, but when the situation demands, it is eager, alert and ready to serve in any capacity. White Shepherds demonstrate both herding and protective instincts

White Shepherd DogWhite Shepherd Dog

White Shepherd Dog Type of DogsWhite Shepherd Dog Type of Dogs

White Shepherd Dog Dogs BreedsWhite Shepherd Dog Dogs Breeds

Blackmouth Cur

Blackmouth Cur is "a dog that is multitalented. Primarily BMCs are herding dogs able to hunt big or small game, and still be loving, gentle family dogs willing to protect the home. Black Mouth Curs are great family dogs. They are great social dogs if trained properly

Blackmouth CurBlackmouth Cur

Blackmouth Cur Family DogBlackmouth Cur Family Dog

Blackmouth Cur PuppiesBlackmouth Cur Puppies

Antebellum Bulldog

Antebellum Bulldog is an American new breed dog breed. The Antebellum is described as intelligent, dutiful, and responsible, with impressive capabilities as a guardian of family and property, but aggressive only in defense of these.

Antebellum BulldogAntebellum Bulldog

Antebellum Bulldog PuppiesAntebellum Bulldog Puppies

Antebellum Bulldog Dog PicturesAntebellum Bulldog Dog Pictures
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